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Thalassa Fleet - Two Player Starter Set

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In Thalassa, two players fight for dominion over the Aegean as a Greek city-state of their choice, from the naval cunning of the Athenians to the brutal Spartans.

With customisable and top-quality resin models made by NG Castings, this bundle contains everything (including a copy of the FREE rules) you need to launch your fleet into the exciting 6mm naval battles of Thalassa in the ancient Mediterranean.

A complete Two Player set includes:

  • 6 Trireme Ships with 2 hull variants. (Each one is 14cm approx ram to stern)
  • 4 Penteconter Ships. (Each one is 10cm approx ram to stern)
  • 16 Prows and Sterns to customise your ships
  • 28 Crew Tokens
  • 10 Sail Mastery Flags to mark your veteran sailors
  • 10 Fleet Command Dice (2 sets of 5 in the colour of your choosing Black/Red/Blue in the drop-down menu)
  • 1 set of Thalassa official full-colour game Tokens and Templates.
  • 1 copy of the FREE rules.

Each Fleet Two Player Starter Set includes two sets of fleet command dice and two full token sets. The Command Dice represent the tactical skills of the fleet admiral and the orders they give to benefit the entire fleet, whilst the full-colour tokens & templates provide each player with all the reminders, actions and rulers needed for the game.

Choose your coloured command dice from Black/Red, Black/Blue & Red/Blue. Each option includes ten dice (14mm).


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