BattleTech: Forcepack: Clan Command Star

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Clan commanders lead from the front, orchestrating the chaos of the battlefield like a game of chess even as they pilot the deadliest OmniMechs, and personally crush their enemies. 

The Clan Command Star expansion provides five Clan Omnimech models for your games of BattleTech (or the quick play BattleTech: Alpha Strike). The Clans typically group their ‘Mechs into units of five, called a Star. This Star comprises a range of five different-sized OmniMechs, from the light Mist Lynx to the 100 ton Dire Wolf.
The Dire Wolf, known as the Daishi (meaning “Great Death”) to Inner Sphere forces, is the most powerful ‘Mech of the Clan Invasion, and the perfect assignment for any Clan commander.

Unleash the Clan Command Star on your enemies! Included are the Dire Wolf, Summoner, Stormcrow, Mist Lynx, and Shadow Cat OmniMechs--no assembly required--along with five MechWarrior pilot cards and five Alpha Strike cards. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike action!


  • Dire Wolf Assault OmniMech (also known as the Daishi)
  • Summoner Heavy OmniMech (also known as the Thor)
  • Stormcrow Medium OmniMech (also known as the Ryoken)
  • Mist Lynx Light OmniMech (also known as the Koshi)
  • Shadow Cat Medium OmniMech
  • 5 MechWarrior pilot cards
  • 5 Alpha Strike cards.


Recommended age: 13+

Miniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly