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Star Wars: Legion BX-series Droid Commandos Unit Expansion

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"Cunning, stealthy and deadly in close quarters, these droid commandos are a major step forward from their B1 battle droid cousins. These seven unpainted miniatures are highly customisable and can be fielded either as a full unit or a two-droid strike team."


BX-series droid commandos are capable of laying traps and ambushes to catch their foes flat-footed before finishing them off with salvos of fire or up close and personal with their deadly vibroswords.

The seven unpainted, finely detailed BX-series droid commando miniatures you find in this expansion are highly customizable. Several weapons options—including blasters, vibroswords, and a dioxis charge, as well as deflector shields, give you the freedom to build the unit of commando droids you’ve always wanted. Beyond their appearance, eight upgrade cards invite you to fine-tune how your droids operate in battle while two unit cards give you the chance to field them either as a full unit or a two-man strike team.

  • Create a massive droid army with the nine highly-detailed B1 Battle Droid miniatures found in this expansion! Seven Battle Droids can lay down heavy fire with their E-5 Blaster Rifles, while a B1 Trooper with an E-60R poses a threat to enemy vehicles. Finally, an E-5C B1 Trooper adds even more firepower to your battle droids in their quest to bring down the Republic.


Recommended age: 14+

Miniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly