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Star Wars: Legion Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion

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Armies are more than just soldiers and the Galactic Empire needs recruits who can do more than just fight. Contains four unpainted miniatures, along with new unit, upgrade and command cards


This expansion for Star Wars: Legion contains four finely sculpted Imperial Specialist miniatures, along with new unit, upgrade and command cards. This expansion allows a player to field a generic Imperial commander unit and to add a comms specialist, medical droid, and astromech droid to other units in their army.

  • Support your squads with the four unique, highly detailed Imperial Specialist miniatures included in this expansion! An Imperial officer orders her troops into battle, while a comms technician stands ready to relay those orders across the battlefield. Finally, an R4 astromech droid and an FX-9 medical droid ensure that your vehicles and troopers are kept ready for action.


Recommended age: 14+

Miniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly