Jez Allum, Marvel Crisis Protocol, MCP, Painted Minis -

Marvel: Crisis Protocol, The Painted Miniatures - Part 2 - Villains

We asked the talented hands of Mr Jez Allum to help us out as we were getting prepared to open our new webstore.

When Jez sent them back to us he said "they were a joy to paint. I just used GW contrast paints with some drybrushing"

These villains look absolutely ace and we can't wait to build our teams for action on our tabletop games nights!


Introducing the Villains:

#1 Red Skull


MCP Red Skull by Jez Allum MCP Red Skull (Side) MCP Red Skull (back)


#2 Winter Soldier


MCP Winter Soldier by Jez Allum MCP Winter Soldier (Side) MCP Winter Soldier (Back)


#3 Ultron


MCP Ultron by Jez Allum MCP Ultron (Side) MCP Ultron (Back)


#4 Dr Octopus


MCP Dr Octopus by Jez Allum MCP Dr Octopus (Side) MCP Dr Octopus (Rear)


#5 Baron Zemo


MCP Baron Zemo by Jez Allum
MCP Baron Zemo (Side) MCP Baron Zemo (Rear)


#6 Crossbones


MCP Crossbones by Jez Allum
MCP Crossbones (side) MCP Crossbones (rear)


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Meanwhile, check them out in action on our NYC terrain table and get your Marvel Crisis Protocol characters and terrain supplies from our selection in the webstore:

Marvel Crisis Protocol in action through the buildings of NYC, Dark Ops Games Night