About Dark Ops

Gamers Making Terrain for Gamers

Do you want new ideas? Do you want new & awesome terrain?

Then we are here to help you out!


We started life as a small company based in the Midlands North Staffordshire manufacturing MDF terrain in house to sell worldwide driven by a passion for gaming and great terrain design. 

We also License products that we make with the coolest manufacturers to bring unique tie ins to market.

Back in 2019 Sarissa Precision Ltd purchased Dark Ops laser cutting business in full. Sarissa had been talking with Dark Ops regarding order fulfilment and during this period talks led the discussions to an outright purchase.

This outcome was perfect for Dark Ops as it allowed for new ideas to be pursued, expanding our passion for tabletop games and the terrain we make. 

Now, as we move into 2022, we can look forward to seeing the development of new kits, new 3D components, printed material, tokens and more support than ever before for your games!


Who are Dark Ops

Richard Carlisle

A gamer since the 80’s, has worked in the industry since 1994. First with GW then Battlefront Miniatures NZ and Warlord Games. His passion, practicality and knowledge drive consistent progress with new concepts for our tabletop battles and ultimately your tables too.


Dave Ayre (Dave's Wargames)

Our in house go to person, from designing superb kits to hands on machine work there is nothing Dave can’t turn his skills too. From concept to a finished kit, he will be making sure your sets are 100% doing what you want of them


Mike Freeman (Freelance Designer)

Long time digital and "Award Winning" commercial video maestro, Mike brings his passion for tabletop gaming combined with new digital sculpting skills to Dark Ops in the form of 3d resin printed terrain, perfect additions to many of our MDF kits


Andy Hobday

The man behind game hits such as Test of Honour, Mortal Gods and The Barons' War. An undisputed IT specialist brings his 30+ years of gaming experience into the team as well as ensuring our website and page features work just how you need them to!


Steve Cumming

Many might know Steve from the events attended by the #awesomeinmdf crew from Sarissa Precision. Steve, Owner of Sarissa Precision and now Dark Ops, has been a dedicated gamer for many years. At one point running a club and responsible for some of the biggest events held at what is now Warhammer World in Nottingham! Steve is the driving force and ideas man at the head of the table.
“I want to bring something a bit more gamey to Dark Ops, We’ve loads of cool ideas that we want to see on our game tables and we hope you’ll be wanting in on the action once you see what we mean”