Shows and Events


Come and meet Dark OPs Dave for a chat and pick up your next game/project/miniatures & terrain at these events* throughout 2024:


Wargames Shows 2024

Show Location Date
Vapnartak York February
BeachHead Dorset February
WMMS Wolverhampton March
Steel Warriors Sheffield March
Chillcon Sheffield April
Salute London April
Carronade Falkirk May
Partizan Newark May
Games Expo Birmingham June
Broadside Kent June
Phalanx Liverpool June
Claymore Edinbrough August
Britcon Nottingham August
Border Reivers Gateshead September
Hereward Peterbrough September
Colours Newbery September
Chillcon Derby September
Partizan 2 Newark October
SELWG London October
Fiasco Leeds October
Warfare Farnbrough November
Battleground Stockton November
Recon Leeds December

* dates will be updated once we've a firm booking.


What you can expect to see on our Sarissa Precision stand

Come and see me (Dave) I'll be on hand to help with your tabletop gaming fix! I'll aim to have a host of different products available for everyone, from Dark Ops products to a fantastic selection of our industry partners great games, rules, minis and accessories (some of which can not be found on the road anywhere else)...


Dave gearing up for the  next Sarissa Precision and Dark Ops event

Sarissa Precision -

A huge range of award winning Laser-cut MDF terrain plus specialist tokens for games such as Thalassa and Gaslands!


Wargames Atlantic -

A growing range of value for money and very detailed plastic miniature sets


Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats -

A growing range of superb colours based on Triads and just right for two thin coats and even airbrushes


Footsore Miniatures -

Gangs of Rome, Mortal Gods and The Barron's War


Grey for Now -

Test of Honour & 02 Hundred Hours


North Star -

Silver Bayonet, Gaslands, Dracula's America and more!


If you run a Show or Event that you think we would be a good fit for, drop Dave an email: