An introduction to L.C.A

LaserCut Architect, LCA -

An introduction to L.C.A

We've been working behind the scenes to bring a superb partnership into place for your gaming table's benefit, it is our pleasure to introduce to you Darrell Henson, Owner, Designer and One-Man-Band that is LaserCut Architect:


"L.C.A is a small business run by myself, designing and manufacturing MDF kits for the wargaming scene. After 6 years designing both independently as well as for some of the largest terrain companies in the industry I have found a new home in a partnership with Sarissa Precision, for sale exclusively through their Dark Ops gaming shop."


The Adaptive Terrain system

The Adaptive Terrain system is an exclusive design specific to my kits. It is a design that makes them compatible with all other kits in the L.C.A. range.

Using clips or magnets they (your chosen kits) can be configured in many different set ups, giving your battlefields a unique experience each time you game.

The kits themselves are made up of different rooms and corridors with exterior and interior walls for external and internal playability. Some (like the Hyperion Defence Lines) have pieces that can stack with their counterparts making titanic walls as high as you like!

Modular versatility is the watch word, as each kit will allow you to create rooms and corridors for a close quarter battle or perhaps build them as individual buildings on a planets surface.

Hyperion Defence Lines by L.C.A exclusively available from

Add some Hight and Detail

Not satisfied with playing on a single level?

Many kits can be placed on top of each other, locking in securely and adding height to your terrain with walkways and balconies that can connect many different floors.


There are accessories that will enhance your buildings and rooms, meaning you will never truly play the same game twice. 


The design of each kit has been carefully considered to ensure there is enough detail to use once built whilst being simple enough to easily convert, giving you the control to make whatever buildings your battlefields require in the thematic style you have created .


Every new kit will be compatible with previous L.C.A. releases, meaning each kit will be an investment for the future, allowing your tabletop Adaptive Terrain system pieces to grow with your armies.


I'm really excited to now (with this partnership in place) have proper dedicated time available for designing and bringing you a whole host of exciting new ideas for your tables. D.H.


Thank you Darrell and we look forward to seeing more too!
Please take time to have a look through the L.C.A collection and remember to let us know your thoughts of kits you'd like to see or just general feedback over on Darrell's Facebook page