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Fantasy Football "Full Keg" Stadium Bundle

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Designed for 28mm fantasy sports games such as Blood Bowl and more!

This kit features a fully customisable pitch, 2 Dugouts, Scoreboard, 2 Turn Trackers and a set of Stone advertising boards. This set allowes you to build a fully customised stadium for your players to tear up the pitch (litterally).

This Stadium set is has a stone theme and is ideal for teams like Dwarfs 


  • Fully Customisable pitch (for a "Classic" tabletop game)
  • 2 Customisable dugouts (for your not so serious to dead players)
  • A Scoreboard (to keep track of how well or bad you are playing)
  • 2 Turn/Re-Roll Trackers (to ensure the ref stays on track)
  • A Set of customisable advertising boards (because all teams have sponsors right) 


Supplied unassembled and unpainted this Fantasy Football pitch can be painted in a variety of styles from indoor dungeon to outdoor stadium allowing you to fully customise it for your team.


(All sets are provided unpainted, flat-packed with instructions. Any miniatures displayed are not included.)