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28mm 1/56th highly detailed MDF model kit

The first in the 'Overlord' Normandy range, the Boulangerie is a highly detailed and customisable kit. 


  • Individual etched brick detail
  • Card roof tile strips and guttering.
  • Can be assembled with full brick, part brick or full plaster configurations on the ground floor.
  • The upper floor has some visible brick options. 
  • Rooftop damage is customisable with push out panels from small holes to heavy damage.
  • Fully accessible interior with attic floor space.
  • optional interior shop shelving. 
  • Opening doors. 



Card plastering effect. Simply PVA areas to be plastered and apply the card skin. When dry dampen the non-glued areas and remove for ultra-realistic plaster effects.

You will need a bamboo bbq skewer or plastic rod to create the drain pipes.


Vehicles and miniatures not supplied

featured vehicle - Rubicon Models US M10/36

 Instructional Video: