BattleTech: Map Pack: Battle For Tukayyid

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The Battle for Tukayyid Map Pack details the seven battlefields where the Clan Invasion was brought to a halt in 3052

Created using art in the brilliant aesthetics of the new box sets and MapPack: Grasslands, these eight paired maps detail the seven battlefields on which the entire Clan Invasion was brought to a halt, including a bonus map, the Deployment Zone. Each map is 17" x 22", paper, and double-sided.



4 double-sized, two-sided paper map sheets:

  • Kozice Valley (Clan Diamond Shark)
  • Lake Losiije (Clan Nova Cat)
  • Holth Forest (Clan Ghost Bear)
  • Racice River Delta (Clan Smoke Jaguar)
  • Pozoristu Mountains (Clan Wolf)
  • Robyn’s Crossing (Clan Jade Falcon)
  • Devil’s Bath (Clan Steel Viper)
  • Deployment Zone

 Plus 1 punchboard of fire & smoke counters


Recommended age: 14+

Miniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly