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Wargames Atlantic - Les Grognards

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The team began with a core of Napoleon’s Young and Old Guard from Waterloo and later were reinforced with troops from the Western Front of the Great War and decades later from the jungles of Vietnam. Over the centuries, their shared French language and culture (and trades by owners) have brought them together as a combined team on the Death Fields circuit. Even after centuries, the elite members of Les Grognards go to battle with the cry: “Vive la France!”

This box set includes enough parts to build 24 heroic scale 28mm figures with a variety of options including standard rifles, heavy lasers, flamethrowers, pistols, swords, heavy plasma guns, communication packs, and grenades. There are also four unique head types with and without gas masks (192 total heads in this box).

Add to your Grognard force with the Command & Heavy Support and the Grognard Cavalry

Sculpting: Bob Naismith

Illustration: Diego Gisbert Llorens

Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy and the late Andy Zeck

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Some product images may vary in content.