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Wargames Atlantic - British Expeditionary Force

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As Hitler's war machine overran Europe, British soldiers were sent en masse to help defend France and also made a failed attempt to relieve Norway. German Blitzkrieg warfare was too much for the smattering of veterans and relatively green troops sent to Europe after hasty training. Outmaneuvered and outgunned they eventually fell back on the coast. Many were evacuated during the brave effort at Dunkirk but many also ended up as German POWs.

This hard plastic box set will allow you to build both BEF and Home Guard troops (and useful for Imagi-Nations British civil wars too!) Equipped with SMLE and P-14/17 Enfield rifles, Bren and Lewis light machine guns, and Thompsons and BARs. A variety of hats and helmets allow you to portray a wide variety of troops.

This set was developed as part of our Vox Populi voting system where YOU decide what we make in hard plastic!

5 sprues are included to build 20 models.

Research: Wayne Peter Bollands

Sculpting: Rob Macfarlane

Illustration: Peter Dennis

Figure Painting: Chris Hindmarsh

Product Code: WAAWA007

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Some product images may vary in content.