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4 Board Tanktastic - What A Tanker mdf Dashboards

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Too Fat Lardies officially licensed dashboards

MDF kit supplied un-assembled and unpainted

Why Tank by yourself when its more fun with friends/strangers?

buy 4 for a reduced price

For use in the tabletop game 'What a Tanker' 

Tired of 'soft' Tanking with paper printouts?

Stiffen up your game with this robust and easy to use command dashboard

buy the rulebook here:

The dashboard shares the same footprint as the printed floppy one. 

Features Include:

Dials to track Armour & Strike

Sliders to track Buttoned, Acquired, Aimed & Loaded

Deep dice locators to track Command Dice & Damage Dice. (Takes up to 15mm dice) no more fumbling around in the dark for stray dice!

A slot system to hold a paper insert

We recommend using good quality wood glue and acrylic rattle can primer in light layers to start your custom paint jobs. ) 

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