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Frigate - Sea Wolf

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  • £89.00

"Sea Wolf"  the mighty Frigate, ready to leave the docks and enter the battle on your tabletop for games such as Blood and Plunder or Frostgrave: Ghosts of the Archipelago, Roleplay D&D adventures or Black Powder Napoleonics.

Be it sailing the high seas to gather a corsairs bounty, or heaving too and boarding the enemy galleon in search of treasure this is the perfect centrepiece.

Full instructions for this impressive model will be available soon, for now, check out this instructional Video linked below:



  • 6" wide 21" Long
  • Masts included (rigging wire/cotton not included)
  • 2 removable decks and interior detail including a lower gun deck.
  • Interior play space and rear window cutouts.



28mm Miniatures not supplied and shown for display/scale purposes


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