Frigate - Sea Wolf

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"Sea Wolf"  the mighty Frigate, ready to leave her dock and enter the battle on your tabletop for games such as Blood and Plunder or Frostgrave: Ghosts of the Archipelago, roleplay D&D adventures or Black Powder Napoleonics.

Be it sailing the high seas to gather a corsairs bounty, or heaving too and boarding the enemy galleon in search of treasure this is the ultimate centrepiece.

Full instructions included and options available for equipping with cannons!



  • 6" wide 21" Long
  • Masts included (rigging wire/cotton not included)
  • 2 removable decks and interior detail including a lower gun deck.
  • Interior play space and rear window cutouts.



The Sea Wolf can field 24 Cannons; These are an optional purchase. (see the dropdown menu and choose the fully armed option). Each of the 24 cannons is fully detailed metal on an MDF carriage.


Rigging wire/cotton is not included.


(All Ships are provided unpainted, flat-packed with instructions. Any miniatures displayed are not included.)