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Hyperion Defence Lines - Reinforced Inner Corner Walls (x2)

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Protect your troops with the Hyperion - Reinforced Inner Corner Walls! This gothic sci-fi defensive line expansion features 2 corner sections designed to act as a base-reinforced layer of the wall. Forming a protective corridor, they can be used as a connection to bunkers and interior layouts for your strategic defensive line.

Each wall is 100mm long and made with 3mm and 2mm MDF. Experience superior stability, durability and strength as you build higher with the secure Hyperion Defence Lines system.

Add the Hyperion Defence Lines - Inner Corner Walls (x2) on top of these reinforced corner walls to create a sealed corridor and provide a high and defensible walkway.


This Adaptive Terrain kit easily locks in with other modular Hyperion Defence Lines sets, ideal for any 28mm + heroic scale battlefields


(All items come flat-packed, unpainted and require assembly, instructions included.
Miniatures and other items pictured are for scale reference and not included)