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Isolated Outpost - STC Research Facility

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This gothic sci-fi terrain is made with 3mm and 2mm MDF with full modularity in mind. Experience superior stability, durability and strength with the STC terrain series.


The Isolated Outpost - STC Research Facility includes:

  • 1x Isolated Outpost - STC Module Alpha
  • 2x Isolated Outpost - STC Habitation Module
  • 1x Isolated Outpost - STC Ruined Corridors
  • 2x Isolated Outpost - STC Module Beta


This Adaptive Terrain kit easily fits in alongside LCA's other modular Isolated Outpost and Hyperion Defence Lines sets, ideal for any 28mm heroic scale battlefields

This is a heavy set at over 3KG, as such a shipping surcharge will be applied at the checkout.

(All items come flat-packed, unpainted and require assembly, instructions included.
Miniatures and other items pictured are for scale reference and not included)