Sarissa Precision

NYC: Town House

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The NYC: Town House is an ideal start to expanding your tabletop battlefield for 35mm - 40mm scale games such as Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game or Batman Miniatures Game.

Choose your options from the menu to have extra floors and make your own unique skyline!


Removable roof, allowing you to play inside your buildings! Just watch your opponents face as Iron Man unexpectedly attacks through the building...

General Dimensions:

Base width 14cm
Base depth 18cm
Door height 5cm
Internal floor hight 7.5cm
Single Story with roof overall hight 12.5cm
Two Story with roof overall hight 20.5cm
Three Story with roof overall hight 28.5cm



(All buildings are made of MDF and come unpainted, flat-packed with instructions. Any miniatures displayed are not included.)