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Wargames Atlantic - Quar Crusader Anti-Tractor Torpedo Team

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As the emphasis of Crusader doctrine became increasingly focused on manoeuvrability and rapid offensives, the mortar teams of the weapon squad were replaced with torpedo teams giving each company a much-needed anti-tractor armament.

The Splagen functions much like a rhyfle grenade, only with a special baton for launching. It has an effective lobbing range of approximately 60 meters and packs nearly a kilogram of explosives. The launching batons and torpedoes are available in abundance; training, however, is not. Many a company armorer has been found scratching his head and bemoaning the waste of good ammunition as crates of these weapons arrive at the frontline catrawds with no instructions regarding their effective use.

Material: Thermoplastic

Product Code: QUC03

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